Modular tank is a healthy and long-lasting storage method. Metal sheets are shaped in high pressure presses using special casts with cold spinning and moved to the assembly area, where theyare assembled using screws, without any welding requirement. The material, which is shaped in presses using specials casts, is designed in special forms to prevent any effects form liquid pressure and deformation.


FIRE CABINETS, to extinguish fire and FIRE DOORS that allow for fast evacuation of the incident location are very important for human life and they are especially vital in areas with big crowds and heavy human activity. Fire cabinets and doors are now required by law in locations where over a certain number of people reside or stay in.


Hydrophores are pumping systems that activate to increase water pressure when mains water system pressure is not enough.Hydrophore systems usually work with electricity and they function by suctioning stored water according to desired pressure and flow rate levels depending on building height and number of condos.

The foundations for 3 GEN MÜHENDİSLİK PROJE were laid after 26 years of professional work, as dreams came together in 2011, and the same dreams came true when it was founded in 2014. We made a note of all our good and bad experiences during our professional life and decided to utilize these experiences, along with our dreams, with you, our valued customers. When we started to write this "ABOUT US" section for this company, we realized that it was not as easy as we anticipated, because now we know that the weight on our shoulders and our responsibilities are much bigger.
Our goal is to turn our company, which operates in compliance with standards, into an essential brand with the support of our valued customers. Our firm redirects its efforts according to universal values, follows developing technologies, and continues its operations with increasing standards. Meanwhile, we would like to keep your, our valued customers', suggestions and experiences in mind and create works that would satisfy both you and our company.
With the strength we take from you and experiences we collect along the way, we only face forward and feel the pleasure of accomplishments when we look back. Our firm, which adopts quality management as its corporate culture, keeps your suggestions in mind and wants to serve you only worrying about how to get better, without compromising quality and with minimal emphasis on profits.


Technical support is provided between 08.00 - 24.00 hours 7 days a week.
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2000 m2 Production Park

With 2000 m2 Production Park, we can produce modular water depot with an average capacity of 8 million tons per year.